Strydegor was founded in 2007 by singer and guitarist Florian Kunde, bassist Clemens Thieke, drummer Sven Martinek and guitarist Slava Giebel in Hagenow.

After the musicians were already active in another band, they decided to start new under the name Strydegor and play melodic death metal from that point on.

In spring 2008 the band released their first demo album „Legends of Midgard“ and in autumn 2008 the EP „Midwinter’s Eve“. This was followed by a contract with the Austrian label CCP-Records and the release of the debut album „Back on Ancient Traces“ in 2009.

Two weeks before the release of Back on Ancient Traces, guitarist Slava Giebel died on the night of May 23, 2009 in a traffic accident in Bresegard near Hagenow.

With the help of Jan Reichardt, Oliver Reimer and Julian Dierkes, the band decided to play their concerts and to continue the work with the band in honor of Slava.

In 2012 the second record „In the Shadow of Remembrance“ followed, also via CCP Records and with Frank Schneider („Fränk the Tänk“) from the band Full Assault, a guitarist for live performances was found and concerts at festivals such as Metalfest in Dessau with bands like Megadeth or Behemoth, as well as many concerts in Germany, Austria and Belgium.

In October 2012, David Holst was introduced as a permanent guitarist.

Due to personal differences, Strydegor decided to part ways with their long-time drummer Sven Martinek in the spring of 2013 and found a live replacement in Norman Mirs, then in Simon Dierkes, brother of Julian Dierkes and a friend of the band.

However, Dierkes had to leave the band because of professional reasons before the studio recordings and so the band found a suitable live and studio drummer in Christian Eggers to do the planned recordings for the third album „Enraged“.

The recordings took place in the LFF Project Studio with producer Martin Schulz in Neubrandenburg. The Mixing was done by Steffen Nevermann from the Shredsound Studio Rostock and for the mastering Jonas Kjellgren, who with his Black Lounge Studios has already worked with bands like Hypocrisy and Immortal.

„Enraged“ was released worldwide on September 12, 2014 via the 7hard Records label and an extensive release tour has been announced. Shortly before the release, David Holst decided to leave the band. Live guitarist Patrik Witzke, who was responsible for the band’s promotional photos in the past, joined in for the other concerts.

Christian Eggers also announced his departure after the release of Enraged, due to personal differences and in order to spend more time with his family.

In 2015, Daniel Hauschild (guitar) and Immanuel Promnitz (drums) completed the band’s line-up.

The release of a new record was originally scheduled for 2016.
In July 2016, the band announced on Facebook that they had parted ways from their bassist and founding member Clemens Thieke.

Martin Schmidt, who had previously appeared as a live guitarist, was introduced as the new bass player on Facebook in December 2016 and continued the work on the new record with him.

In August 2020, the band released a new logo and new band photos via social media as well as the collaboration with MDD Records from Southern Germany.

On October 20, 2020 Strydegor released the first single entitled „World In Your Hands“ on Youtube. On November 13th 2020 the fourth album entitled „Isolacracy“ will be released via MDD Records



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